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  • Greg O'Brien
    Choctaws in Alabama

    The Choctaw Indians once lay claim to millions of acres of land and established some 50 towns in present-day...
  • Greg O'Brien
    Albert Stein

    Albert Stein (1785-1874), who resided in Spring Hill near Mobile, Mobile County, for the last three decades...
  • Greg O'Brien
    Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek (1830)

    The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was agreed upon in September 1830 between representatives of the ...
  • Greg O'Brien

    Pushmataha is perhaps the best-known Choctaw leader of the nineteenth century. He is most famous for...
  • Greg O'Brien
    Southeastern Indians and the American Revolution

    Southeastern Indians participated in the American Revolution for a variety of reasons and with varying...
  • Greg O'Brien
    Chickasaws in Alabama

    Although the Chickasaw Nation was primarily located in present-day Mississippi prior to removal, their...
  • John O'Brien
    James G. Birney

    James Gillespie Birney (1792–1857) was a major voice in the abolitionist movement of the nineteenth...
  • Patrick E. O'Neil
    River Systems and Watersheds of Alabama

    Alabama's river drainages and abundant water resources are one of the state's most distinctive...
  • Matthew C. O'Neal
    Willis Brewer

    Willis Brewer (1844-1912) was a Democratic politician, newspaper editor, and author.
  • Matthew C. O'Neal
    Charles Hays

    Charles Hays (1834-1879) was an influential Republican politician during Reconstruction ...