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  • Keith S. Hébert
    Poarch Band of Creek Indians

    The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is the only federally recognized Native American tribe in Alabama.
  • Stefanie Haba
    Freshwater Invertebrates

    Freshwater invertebrates make up an overwhelming amount of Alabama's biodiversity. The most commonly...
  • Theodore Haddin
    Andrew Glaze

    Andrew Glaze's (1920- ) early life in Alabama inspired him to write some of the best poems to come...
  • Erik Haeuser
    Ariosto A. Wiley

    Ariosto Appling Wiley (1848-1908) represented Alabama's Second Congressional District as a Democrat …
  • John H. Hafner
    Mary McNeil Fenollosa

    Mary McNeil Fenollosa (1865-1954), publishing primarily under the pseudonym Sidney McCall, was a popular...
  • Thomas M. Haggerty
    Birds of Alabama

    Few states can match Alabama's rich diversity of birds. Their songs, colors and habits enrich our...
  • Thomas Chase Hagood
    Territorial Period and Early Statehood

    The early history of Alabama as a territory and a state was marked by an increasing number of Americans...
  • Steven C. Hahn
    Creeks in Alabama

    A confederacy of a number of cultural groups, the Creeks, now known as the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, played...
  • James E. Hairston
    Water Resources in Alabama

    Freshwater is one of Alabama's greatest assets. The state's many rivers and streams and abundant...
  • Heather M. Haley
    John Crowell

    John Crowell was an Indian agent and legislator during the territorial period of Alabama …